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Platinum Films has recently finished production on a Matt Hatter Chronicles TV Movie  for a 2017 release. This original TV film will delight fans of the popular animated action-adventure series and will see school-boy hero Matt Hatter tested to his limits as he faces the ultimate Super Villain and is forced to make a decision that could alter the fate of the Multiverse and the Hatter family forever!

BAFTA-nominated classic preschool series Dream Street (65 x 10’) is currently in production for a new generation of kids using cutting edge ‘Roto-Morphing’ techniques and CG enhancement whilst preserving its original emotional warmth, charming characterisation and signature stop-motion feel.

YBG Films Limited, a joint venture company between Platinum Films and Bear Grylls Ventures is currently developing Young Bear Grylls, an animated adventure series based on the heroic escapades and the epic missions of Young Bear, as he explores and pushes the boundaries of the world around him.

Young Bear Grylls is all about bringing the spirit of adventure & exploration to young kids in a way that fires their imagination and brings out the survivor in them all. Action-packed, inspiring and fun, Young Bear Grylls will appeal to kids and families worldwide.